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A Weekend With NASA In April: Passion, Failure, Persistence & Lift-Off


If I’m being realistic, I didn’t think there was a chance. But when the ‘APPROVED‘ e-mail came in from NASA Social, I was ecstatic. Then there was the realization I would need to get work off, money for plane tickets & the other intangible plannings. I didn’t think there was a chance. Then, thanks to the understanding of my supervisor, Mike Merlin- it was happening.

For those who are reading this who don’t know, there is a NASA program called NASA Social. HERE is the overview I wrote while I was waiting to depart. It delves into what exactly they do (and also, my feelings before this journey).

The experience we had cannot really be summarized in words. That may sound ridiculous because we were only there for a few days, but I think my NASA…

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What it’s like to be a NASASocialite

This story of only 2-days experience couldn’t be better told. Thanks Courtney

the festival fashionista

Along with music and fashion, I have a curiosity (read: obsession) with the stars under which we live. It started early. I can remember being an awkward middle school girl tasked with the assignment of creating a solar system replica. My beyond crafty mom spent days helping me construct 9 paper mache planets and painting each one for a true representation. My dad brought home a long 2×4 to hang them on and on the day I turned it in he had to transport it in the back of his truck. The rest of my class sat with their mouths open when in walked my wall-to-wall exhibit. I received an “A” and left the model solar system hanging in class for the rest of the year.

Fast forward 20-something years to a few months ago when NASA deputy social media director, Jason Townsend, posted a NASASocial opportunity to NASA’s Facebook…

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