What it’s like to be a NASASocialite

This story of only 2-days experience couldn’t be better told. Thanks Courtney

the festival fashionista

Along with music and fashion, I have a curiosity (read: obsession) with the stars under which we live. It started early. I can remember being an awkward middle school girl tasked with the assignment of creating a solar system replica. My beyond crafty mom spent days helping me construct 9 paper mache planets and painting each one for a true representation. My dad brought home a long 2×4 to hang them on and on the day I turned it in he had to transport it in the back of his truck. The rest of my class sat with their mouths open when in walked my wall-to-wall exhibit. I received an “A” and left the model solar system hanging in class for the rest of the year.

Fast forward 20-something years to a few months ago when NASA deputy social media director, Jason Townsend, posted a NASASocial opportunity to NASA’s Facebook…

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