What you really want is what you really get

I’ve always struggled with the idea of competitiveness within a company environment because people seems to look the finish line of the race (annual evaluation) as the end itself when it is not. People find competitiveness as a way to be seen by higher hierarchies but not necessarily as team players looking for a collective benefit. Despite their partial success, most of the time they are not satisfied with what they got, not happy, and are ultimately expelled out of the team

It is ego and money what drive many people’s actions because they focus in personal desires. Therefore, I believe that companies and scholars have to join forces in order to create new ways of management where competitiveness is evaluated once the common goal is achieved… Not an easy task. I really hope that new thinking trends like Management 2.0 – led by Gary Hamel – find out answers to my worries.

Having said that, I want to share with you a video with the thoughts of one survivor of US Airways Flight 1549 about ego … since he has a way of thinking that I share with him and he presents something we can contribute to our society without waiting for some gurus that change corporate life.

If we change, everything around us will also change. Let’s start from the inside out. Be happy, make your family happy, and … work for the happiness and joy of achieving collective goals both in business and in life. Think in what you really want, fight for it, and you’ll see that you will really get it.  Thus, many years ago, I decided to be a good father, be a team player, and be happy.

Hope you enjoy his message and … be happy.


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