The condition of coexistence of two cultures

Bi-cultural is an adjective created around the condition of coexistence of two cultures. The number of examples is countless mainly because it is the immediate consequence of human migration. Migration results from the necessity of food, a better weather, natural catastrophes, political and economical issues, search for natural resources like water, minerals, and oil, and invasions among others. Whether forced or unforced, migrations have produced a fine blend of cultural and sociological characteristics of members of the population around the globe, with the exemption of a handful of tribes in almost inaccessible areas of the planet.
It is in this order of ideas, we found bi-cultural societies in most countries – in some opportunities the blend is formed by more than two cultures. Examples could be the Basque Country in Spain and France, Guaranies in Paraguay, Catalonia (also in Spain), and even the native American Indians like Miccosukee tribe in Florida. More recently, bi-cultural communities have grown in many countries and have enriched the culture of the host country. This is the case of Chinese and Latin American cultures in U.S. territories.
Biculturalism is mainly found, in my opinion, in the second generation of immigrants because being bi-cultural is more than speaking two languages or having the opportunity to live in more than one country. Biculturalism is to understand what happens in the backstage. As a personal experience, I can say that even though I migrated from my native Venezuela twelve years ago, and I have had a successful professional career in the U.S., I am not bi-cultural yet. I have been able to speak a new language, to understand sports like hockey and football, to enjoy country music and the war between Leno and O’Brien but my kids have and feel the emotions when somebody talks, understand the why’s behind a speech of a politician or the jokes of a standup comedian. However, some people can do it during his/her lifetime.
I am very proud and I want to follow the path of two truly bi-cultural  individuals: Justice Sonia Sotomayor and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Justice Soto Mayor is the only daughter of a couple of Puerto Ricans who lived in New York and that in 2009 became the first Hispanic to be appointed Justice of The U.S. Supreme Court. This woman understands her Hispanic heritage also the society and the American culture where she grew. She speaks Spanish, dance and feel like any other Latin American. Governor Schwarzenegger is an Austrian citizen than came to the U.S. about forty years ago and overcome his deficiencies in English. He became Governor of California in 2003 as a result of his understanding of this culture and the way he could be understood by fellow American citizens who voted for him.


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