R.I.G.H.T Values

Age of humanity is around twenty-five thousand years, time that allowed humankind to pass values onto many generations. This transfer was limited and slow until recent years – perhaps the last thirty – when Internet opened up the world of immediateness. For many years, cultures developed in all regions of the planet with different languages, traditions, history, and values. These values are seen with different optics but they remain the same in general across borders.

Global Village is an idea initially introduced in a couple of futuristic books about mass media published in the early 60’s. With the advent of Internet, the notion of global village started to gain popularity. In some cases, it is used as a metaphor for the World Wide Web because, thanks to the Internet, communications and transfer of ideas and events now occur almost simultaneously across our planet.  Despite that the electronic means transmit information almost at the speed of thought, a real entity as a “global village” is still far away on the road.

What is factual is that there are many commonalities across different human groups on the planet Earth, and that culture and values are becoming more global. The unstoppable increment of cultural interrelations among groups of people and the proliferation of the mass media to transfer ideas and concepts that sells have made of globalization a “weapon of mass destruction” in terms of human values. Nevertheless, I admit that the positive side of globalization has contributed to an amazing development of the society in other aspects.

Although a list of values is extensive, I am fearless enough to enunciate what, in my order of ideas, I consider the five R.I.G.H.T values that should be common to all the members of a theoretical “global village”.

The acronym R.I.G.H.T stands for Respect, Integrity, Gratitude, Honesty, and Trust (an idea developed within my company GBS Group).

Respect is a word that represents the feeling of esteem for an individual, for the environment (that allow us to have a life on this planet), for the diversity of opinion (that allows us to share ideas and construct on the experiences of others), for the private property, for the elders (because they prepared the ground on which we started to build our lives), and for the multiplicity of believes (because nobody has the absolute truth). I believe that respect is the starting point of coexistence and that the level of deterioration of our global village has its roots in the lack of respect.

Integrity means no double standards. An integral person acts as he/she believes and observes consistency in his/her actions, principles, values, measures, and expectations. Integrity is a value that separates the people with serious intentions from those that bend them in order to achieve personal goals. Politicians – with exceptions – suffer of a strange illness characterized for a lack of integrity that allows them to change decisions despite his/her genuine believes.

Gratitude is one of the most wonderful values of all. Gratitude is a positive emotion that indicates thankfulness. Gratitude goes beyond the indebtedness or the condition of owing somebody thanks. It is the truthful recognition of a benefit that one has received (or will receive). Thus, we should acknowledge our gratitude to our parents, our partners in life, our offsprings, but also to the environment where we live in, and for the blessing of waking up every day. It is a good feeling to be grateful for all the opportunities we have had and for those which are coming. I believe that when you transmit consistently this positive emotion the attitude of other people is inclined to synchronize and consequently to produce positive outputs.

Honesty is the perfect wrapping for the previous three values. According to Merrian-Webster, honesty is “fairness and straightforwardness of conduct” and “implies a refusal to lie, steal, or deceive in any way.” The real benefit of any value for a society is that it is offered honestly, because otherwise it becomes empty and counterproductive.

Trust is found in those individuals whom we may believe in and rely on, and perhaps trust the epitome of values.  America is a country build on trust and so are many others. The lack of trust in leaders, institutions, and culture in many countries have eroded their foundations and in consequence ruined their present and future.

I was born in a country with immense natural resources, amazing and diverse topography, blessed with incredible weather, located in a privileged place, and populated by immigrants from many regions of the planet, which merged to produce some of the most beautiful women in the world. I lived in that country that lost all these values because of greed. That country, with a population similar to New York City and oil reserves that allowed it to rank third among the global oil producers, is today in ruins.

The collapse of human groups in history has been preceded by a catastrophic state of anarchy produced in great measure by a dramatic deviation of fundamental values of humankind. If we look in retrospective, we will see that the people of my country decided to adhere to the wrong values instead to the R.I.G.H.T ones.

Looking meticulously to the leading groups, teams, and countries we find that they have those basic values that make them different and allow them to balance and counter-balance their permanence when things are going out of control.  I consider that the presumptive global village should adhere, at least, to the R.I.G.H.T values and make them common to all the members.


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